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Affiliate Program

SUPRI-Tides is a research collaboration to explore the behavior of earth tides and how the data might be used to understand the physical properties of the Earth.

Membership in the SUPRI-Tides consortium is open to everyone. The membership fee is $50,000 per year, renewed annually, although we are interested in multiple-year, long-term interactions. The membership fee is used primarily to support graduate students post-doctoral fellows, and computer facilities.

Affiliate members may wish to provide additional funds above the annual fees to be used for SUPRI-Tides Affiliate Program research conducted by a participating faculty member, or for a particular area of research under the SUPRI-Tides Affiliate Program. The faculty director of the program will determine how the additional funding is to be used in the SUPRI-Tides Affiliate Program. All research results arising from the use of the additional funding will be shared with all of the Affiliate Program members and the general public.

Affiliates Benefits

The benefits of formal affiliation with the SUPRI-Tides program are:

  • Annual review meeting of the research projects funded by the Consortium. In this meeting, graduate students, post-docs, and research associates present their findings. We also discuss possible future areas of research interest and areas for research collaboration.
  • Access to early preprints and reprints of copies of (or early access to) research reports, papers, and other publications originated by the faculty and students associated with the SUPRI-Tides program.
  • Assistance, if desired, in arranging interviews between individual students and company representatives.
  • Affiliates will be identified on the SUPRI-Tides website.

The SUPRI-Tides is governed by the Stanford University Policies Affecting Industrial Affiliates Program Memberships. For more information about the membership, please contact Prof. Roland Horne at / 650-723-9595.

SUPRI-Tides Affiliates

SUPRI-Tides Collaborating Institutions